Greenville Water Purification Systems 

Improving the Quality of Your Water 

From the surface, your water may look clean, but even if there are no large particles in it, did you know that it is likely filled with invisible microbes? The best way of getting rid of these small particles is through a water purification system. 

Do I Need a Water Purification if I Already Have a Filter?

You may be wondering why you need to have a water purification system, especially if you already have a filter system in place at your house or commercial establishment. The answer is that even though filters are extremely helpful at removing larger pieces of debris and dirt, there are certain contaminants that no filter could ever hope to remove. For example, even the finest net utilized by a filter would still have holes too large to trap certain microscopic microbes. If you only had a filter, the water would look clean from the surface but would likely contain all sorts of viruses, chemicals, and organic particulates. 

Since a purification system utilizes a chemical treatment method, as opposed to providing a barrier or even heat treatment to the water, it is much more reliable for getting rid of the smallest contaminants. Moreover, you can even remove minerals that are causing your water to be hard – something that is not achievable by normal filtration methods. 

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Types of Purification Systems

When considering which purification system to have installed, it is a good idea to be informed about multiple options to make the best selection.

The most common purification systems include:

  • Reverse osmosis – Whether you own a house or a business, purification by reverse osmosis is an extremely popular and reliable methodology. In a way, reverse osmosis is a bit like a filter, but it does not use a large barrier method like that of a carbon filter. Instead, its tight, semipermeable membrane can squeeze out much smaller pollutants. 
  • Deionization – This method of water purification uses a powerful chemical transaction to get rid of any particles possessing a charge. For example, many harsh minerals like iron, calcium, sodium, and magnesium have a positive cation charge, while nitrates, sulfates, silica, and chloride are anions with negative charges.
  • Distillation – This final purification method is one that has been utilized for many years, although without the ease of rapid technology to help the process along. When polluted water is rigorously heated, the purified water molecules rise as steam and then condense elsewhere, leaving behind harmful contaminants and biological particulates.

Since there are so many purification methods to choose from, it is best to discuss all your options with our technicians at Gibson Professional Service about which system would be most appropriate for your home or business.

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