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Everyone needs to have a reliable source of heated water in their home. Even though traditional tank systems can certainly offer you a basic supply of hot water, they are often not efficient enough for the needs of the modern household or business. If you are looking to save time, money, and energy, consider reaching out to Gibson Professional Service, and we can get you started with one of our innovative tankless water heaters in Greenville.

How You Can Benefit from Having a Tankless Water Heater Installed in Your Home

Even though it is understandable that people may be initially hesitant about purchasing a tankless unit, on account of its higher installation cost, there is a reason why so many Greenville residents have switched from classic tank units.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider a tankless model, including improved levels of: 

  • Efficiency – One of the greatest advantages of having a tankless water heater is that it is far more efficient than a traditional water heater. This is primarily because a traditional unit comes with a massive tank that takes a long time to fill, in contrast to a tankless heater that provides warm water completely on demand. This means that you do not have to use more energy than is necessary to fill up an entire tank.
  • Durability – Another excellent attribute of tankless water heaters is that they have a very long lifespan. Many electrical tankless heaters can operate smoothly for at least 20 to 25 years, and they may be able to run longer if they are provided with proper maintenance. Since they last so long, you do not have to spend money on costly replacements.
  • Flexibility in storage space – Even though classic water heaters that come with tanks can technically get the job done, there is no denying the fact that these enormous systems take up a lot of space. Having a tankless model installation, on the other hand, makes your life much more convenient, since you can have it placed practically anywhere, including on the wall.

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How Often Do You Need to Have Your Water Heater Serviced?

Since a tankless water heater does not have a massive storage tank that tends to get rusty and filled with debris, you will also enjoy the fact that your new system will remain healthier for longer. There is no need to schedule bi-annual maintenance check-ups the way you would need for a tank heater since tankless models do not have an anode rod that corrodes. You can even check the filters yourself to make sure that it stays clean. Then, simply contact our team of professionals at Gibson Professional Service if the system is older than 10 years and if there is a build-up of sediment. 

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  • Woke up to a broken water heater. A technician came out the same day and installed a new one. Very professional and honest. High-quality work with a thorough explanation of my options. This is the second time I have used Gibson and will do so again in the future.

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